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A Degrassi Community Devoted to the N's new slogan

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This community is devoted to the N's new slogan "Degrassi... IT GOES THERE." Feel free to post hilarious issues that Degrassi goes to. This is meant to be a funny community with good humor that pokes fun and makes light of a show we all love. Don't come here getting mad claiming we hate the show, because in actuality we love it and just want a good time. If you want to talk about Degrassi, go ahead, but let's make this more of a fun community and not some giggling Tiger Beat shit. This community will contain offensive language, so if you don't like swearing, don't look.

1. IT GOES THERE is the new Degrassi slogan. Examples of this include:
Late night porn study sessions- IT GOES THERE.
Boner Binders- IT GOES THERE.
They are meant to be funny, not serious. This community is for good laughs.
2. I maintain the right to delete any posts I find offensive, inappropriate or containing spoilers in the main body. Basically, I have the right to delete any post. Moderating... IT GOES THERE.
3. All IT GOES THERE should have happened on the show. If it hasn't gone there (and there a few issues that it hasn't gone to) then don't post it.
4. Don't bash others. Be civil. This includes other members and actors on the show.
5. Type/speak in proper English. Any of that annoying crazy type will be immediatly deleted. I better not see any "OMG I WANT TOBY 2 BE MY BF 4LYF"
6. If you mention a character, get their name right. Rarely does that happen on LJ, but just know your shit before you post.
7. If your IT GOES THERE or post relate to anything not aired in the US yet, put it under a LJ cut with a warning. An amusing warning can be SPOILER... IT GOES THERE.

Things you can post:
1. IT GOES THERE statements. Lots of them. Nonstop.
2. Musings and speculation of how IT GOES THERE will impact Degrassi past, present, and future.
3. Degrassi pics/photoshops- why the hell not.
4. Humorous discussions on the show.
5. Disdain at any other N commercial/slogan.
6. Spoilers BEHIND a LJ cut.

Big Shout out to sydneybean20For the Degrassi: IT GOES THERE icon.
Another shoutout to triggerhelpless for the LOCKJAW - IT GOES THERE icon.

Everyone remember to spread the word and get everyone to join IT GOES THERE!